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book jacket concept sketch by Hugh O'Neill.

Book Jacket concept illustrations by Hugh O'Neill.

Recent Projects

This project had several parts to it. The first part of the brief was for a painting which in addition to being a decorative piece would also be used for a book cover. The book, entitled "A Woman's Home Health Companion" is a guide to Womens' Health, written by Dr. Rita Stec, a physician in Palm Desert, CA. The client also wanted a logo; elements of which could be incorporated into the painting and also be used as a stand alone trademark graphic in other areas of the book jacket design. In addition there were numerous smaller illustrations for the book interior and a color food pyramid illustration for the back of the book. Dr. Stec was eager to communicate that the personal/global tone of the book required a supportive and holistic feel for the cover image. This sketch was made during our initial discussion in the clients office.

Keeping the body/consciousness/spirit elements in mind I produced several variations, expanding on the concept and playing with the layout, color composition, etc. There would also be a thematic tie-in with an ident/logo, elements of which would be incorporated in the painting. I kept the concept sketches fairly small, around 8" x 6" (approximating the finished cover size). This allowed me to scan them quickly so I could play with adding title/Text areas on the computer. This in turn allowed me to email each version and get regular feedback which really accelerated the whole process until we settled on the final image.

Seeing how a rough 8" x 6" sketch will translate when you blow it up onto a 40" x 30" canvas requires a leap of faith. As with many of my paintings, I include a base layer of imagery comprising symbols relevant to the overall intention of the peice which will eventually be hidden under the final painting.

Many layers of paint later, building up the background in broad areas of color, and meticulous brush strokes for the center detail, I arrived at the final painting entitled
"Holding a space for Healing"
Titles and text were then added by the printers

I also produced a food pyramid illustration for the back of the book jacket

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