Art for the Spirit Art GALLERY SIX - Custom Art Work by Hugh O'Neill
When someone asks me to create a Custom peice of art it's the start of a new adventure. There's discussions back and forth and perhaps some sketches, but then language ends and words must be replaced by shapes and colors and stepping into the unknown - which can be challenging. But it's also the place of greatest growth. Here's a brief sample of what happens! If you have any comments or enquiries please email me through the CONTACT page. Thanks, Hugh O'Neill

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Purple Crew, for Manchester office of U.K based Facilities/Production Company.  96 x 48 inches
Purple Crew

Portrait commission of a Sikh Yogi / Holy man from Golden Temple of Amritsar, for London client. Baba Ji is a term of reverence only, 
not to be confused with Maha Avatar of the same name. Pencil on CS-10 illustration board.
Sikh Yogi
Baba Ji

Painting for a simple monk from the east coast, who also happens to be a Zen Master.

Mysterious Harmony. A painting about everything 30 x 40 inches enamel and acrylic on canvas
Wayu - Mysterious Harmony

Elemental. enamel and acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 inches.

Heal Teach. for Author in Palm Springs, CA
Heal Teach

Painting enamel and acrylic on canvas  8 x 10 inches
Heart centered

miniature light of the dawn painting. enamel on canvas panel, 4x6 inches.

Painting for Anka, a croatian born healer, enamel and acrylic on canvas panel, 8x10 inches.
Grounding Ancient

Bij Mantra for Bass. Painting for bass player Gregor Platzer, bassist with German band Embryo
Bij Mantra
for Bass

coming soon

coming soon